Hayward variety, production located in Rancagua and Pichidegua, in the O'Higgins region, with a volume of 250 thousand boxes exported annually.


More than 500 thousand kilos of Packham`s variety exported annually, which are produced in the La Palma Orchard, in Rancagua, O`Higgins region.


Packams pears are available from the first week of February until approximately April 15. In the case of Hayward kiwifruit, we have availability from April through mid-October.


Benefits of kiwi

Antioxidants and vitamin C.

Learn about some of the main benefits of this food, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Filters the sun's rays

It has lutein, which acts as a natural protective filter for the skin.

Aids digestion

It is a fruit full of soluble fiber, which improves intestinal transit.

Improves blood circulation

Fluidizes the blood, improving the condition of the arteries and preventing the formation of thrombi and clots.

Benefits of pear

Rich in mineral salts and vitamins C and A

Vitamin A is necessary for the proper functioning of eyesight, for bone growth and for the maintenance of tissues. Vitamin C serves as an antioxidant and its deficiency can lead to scurvy.

Potassium, a key pear nutrient

Potassium plays an important role in body hydration, which is maintained as long as its ratio with sodium is adequate. This is achieved when the consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in water and potassium is sufficient.

Prevents chronic inflammatory bowel and metabolic diseases

The unique combination of fiber and sugars present in pears of different varieties is also the ideal food for the development of the beneficial bacteria that constitute our microbiota.

Our customers!


We are very proud, having worked for more than 10 years with Xfru5 in a constructive, sincere and successful way. Always with a proactive and innovative attitude, they have had an important contribution in the development of our relationship. In such a complex and dynamic business it is essential to have a professionalism and absolute control in all the details in the chain, Production, Packing, Logistics and Marketing. Together we have built trust and efficiency, the result of a philosophy based on a long-term relationship, a quality product and control over the entire operation.

Vergers- Cancel

Vergers-Cancel, a specialist in kiwifruit production and marketing in France, has been working with Xfru5 for more than 5 years to import kiwifruit from the southern hemisphere. We value their professionalism and their efforts to deliver a quality kiwifruit, meeting our criteria in taste and dry matter. It helps us every year in our efforts to improve our services, and at the same time improve the reputation of Chilean kiwifruit to our customers and consumers in France. It is evident that Vergers-Cancel selects its suppliers with great care and with Xfru5 we have full confidence and satisfaction.

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